6th IRG

The Sixth Session of the UNCAC Implementation Review Group (6th IRG)

Vienna, 1–5 June 2015
4th IRG Briefing for NGOs, 4 June 2015
Image: Creative Commons, Flickr / theclyde

The Implementation Review Group (IRG) oversees the UNCAC review process in order “to identify challenges and good practices and to consider technical assistance requirements in order to ensure effective implementation of the Convention”. It can submit recommendations to the Conference of States Parties (COSP) for its consideration and approval. The IRG sessions are open to UNCAC signatory states and intergovernmental organisations, but civil society organisations are thus far not permitted to participate as observers due to opposition from a small but influential group of countries. Instead of including civil society representatives in its meetings, the IRG holds a one-day briefing for NGOs.
In June 2015 the IRG met for its 6th Session at the UN Office in Vienna. The participating country representatives discussed the experiences of the first cycle of the review process, which took place between 2010-2015 and reviewed Chapters III (criminalization and law enforcement) and IV (international cooperation) of UNCAC. Much of the focus also revolved around the second review cycle for 2015-2020, which is set to review Chapter II (preventive measures) and Chapter V (asset recovery) of UNCAC. Participants also discussed the upcoming COSP in St. Petersburg, 2–6 November 2015, including the question of whether to include an agenda item on civil society participation.
Since 2011, the IRG has also held a separate “NGO Briefing” for representatives of civil society organisations. On 4 June, the IRG held its 4th NGO Briefing, which consisted of oral and written statements by civil society representatives and three thematic panel discussions. The meeting was attended by 85 government representatives. The complete agenda of the NGO Briefing can be found here.




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