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Read more about this month's Member in the Spotlight,
the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN),
which specializes in reporting on corruption in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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ATI Campaign
Tracking Transparency in UNCAC Implementation

Civil society organizations across the world are using Freedom of Information legislation to request the release of information and documents related to the UNCAC Review Cycles. If you or your CSO would like to join this effort, write to

New report on strengthening the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM)

At a time of global crisis and declining democratic freedom, a robust review mechanism is crucial to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the UNCAC. The UNCAC Coalition has published a report showing that strong and urgent action is needed to strengthen the IRM.

Report on strengthening the
UNCAC Implementation
Review Mechanism (IRM)
Third draft CoSP
The 9th UNCAC Conference of the States Parties

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 13 - 17 December 2021

Civil Society Organizations participated in the 9th CoSP to ensure that governments will deliver on their anti-corruption commitments.

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What's New

9th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting: Anti-Corruption Agencies

23 December 2022 –  An effective anti-corruption agency (ACA) is a great strength in the fight against corruption. The UNCAC provides specific provisions ensuring the existence of such a specialized body with legal and institutional capacities for the prevention of…

9th Regional UNCAC Coalition Meeting for Sub-Saharan Africa – Sextortion: The Anatomy of a Secretive Form of Corruption

22 December 2022 – It is a sad fact of reality that some people in positions of power demand sexual gratification in exchange for access to resources and opportunities from those below them in a hierarchy. Is it corruption? Is…

9th Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean: strengthening the right to public information to safeguard the environment

22 December 2022 – Access to public information is an essential part of the fight against corruption: it is one of the fundamental pillars of any corruption prevention strategy. As a tool for holding governments to account, monitoring government performance,…

5th UNCAC Coalition Regional Meeting for Europe: Preventing corruption in public procurement

21 December 2022 – Public procurement has always been a highly corruption-prone area. With over a third of our members and affiliated groups in the UNCAC Coalition Europe network already working on or interested in public procurement, we dedicated the…

New Civil Society Report on Tunisia: Democracy and transparency threatened by exceptional presidential measures, weakening UNCAC principles

14 December 2022 – Over the past two decades of political upheaval, Tunisia has taken action to amend its legislative and institutional frameworks in line with the implementation of provisions under both Chapter II (Preventive measures) and Chapter V (Asset…

New Civil Society Report on Mexico: actual implementation of anti-corruption measures in practice & asset recovery provisions needed to effectively combat corruption 

13 December 2022 – A new civil society report authored by Derechos Humanos y Litigio Estratégico Mexicano (DLM) and Sociedad Mexicana de Litigio de Interés Público finds that while Mexico generally has a comprehensive constitutional, legal and regulatory framework that…

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