Become an Affiliated Group

Young and small organisations working on anti-corruption, as well as initiatives and groups that are not a legal entity can apply to become an affiliated group.

Affiliated groups from several regions (Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, South-East Asia) can have a profile on the regional anti-corruption e-platforms

These e-platforms, initially established with support from UNODC, provide groups with visibility and an opportunity to share updates about their anti-corruption work. 

Becoming an affiliated group means:

  • Being part of a regional anti-corruption e-platform to present yourself and to give you visibility in your region, 
  • Sharing best practices and coordinating efforts, 
  • Being included in the Coalition’s regional listserv (mailing list),
  • Being part of regular regional networking and advocacy meetings,
  • Having the possibility to join Working Groups on priority topics.

Please note that we do not provide grants or fundraising support.

The Application Process

  1. Applicants submit an online application (see below).
  2. The application is assessed by the Vienna Hub Team to ensure the applicant meets the eligibility criteria to become an affiliated group.
  3. Applicants are notified via email of the outcome of their application.


Apply as an Affiliated Group

Application Terms

The Vienna Hub Team has the discretion, with adequate justification, to request additional information from applicants and to reject an application even if all requested items are supplied.

Anti-Corruption Platforms*

With the start-up of the UNCAC review mechanism in 2010 came an important new channel for civil society engagement in anti-corruption efforts. In order to promote collaboration between CSOs and facilitate the identification of partners, the UNCAC Coalition has launched the following anti-corruption regional platforms. Through these platforms, CSOs interested in monitoring and promoting UNCAC implementation can increase their impact by sharing experiences and corruption-monitoring methodologies, building partnerships and exchanging updates about the status of UNCAC reviews.
*Joining the Regional Platforms requires status as an Affiliated Group.

Country Profiles in the Review Mechanism

The first cycle of the Review Mechanism started in 2010 and covers the chapters of the Convention on Criminalisation and Law Enforcement and International cooperation. The second cycle, which was launched in November 2015, covers the chapters on Preventive measures and Asset recovery. In each review cycle, each State party must undergo review once, and must perform between one and three reviews of other States. The timing of when each State is undergoing review, or acting as reviewing State, is determined by drawing of lots. View the Country Pairings for the Second Review Cycle. Access each country’s status in the UNCAC review cycle, including executive summaries and (when available) country reports.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)