About the Coalition

UNCAC Coalition demonstration during the 3rd UNCAC Conference of States Parties, Doha, Qatar, November 2009

Who we are

The UNCAC Coalition is a global network of over 350 civil society organisations (CSOs) in over 100 countries, committed to promoting the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

Established in August 2006, it mobilises civil society action for UNCAC at international, regional and national levels.

The Coalition’s office is registered and based in Vienna, Austria.
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The UNCAC’s framework is so comprehensive that it is relevant for a wide range of CSOs. Consequently, the Coalition includes international, regional and national groups working in the areas of anti-corruption, human rights, labour rights, governance, economic development, environment and private sector accountability.

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What we do

The Coalition engages in joint action around common positions on the UNCAC, facilitates the exchange of information among members, and supports national civil society efforts to promote the UNCAC. Coalition members share views via the Coalition website and a mailing list and ad hoc working groups.

The Coalition supports civil society organisations to engage in and contribute to the UNCAC review process, including through technical support.

The Coalition, directly and through its members, advocates for greater transparency and space for civil society participation in all UNCAC fora – the Conference of States Parties, the meetings of the Implementation Review Group, working groups and the review process on the national level.

Furthermore, the Coalition seeks to advance discussions on key issues covered by the Convention, including:

  • Access to Information
  • Asset Recovery
  • Beneficial Company Ownership Transparency
  • Protection of Whistleblowers and Anti-Corruption Activists

Why joint action is important

Effective anti-corruption work demands efforts not only from governments but also from civil society organisations, the private sector and the greater public.

The need for participation of civil society and the importance of access to information are explicitly recognised in Article 13 of the UNCAC.

Without pressure from civil society groups, government anti-corruption commitments may remain mere window dressing. Without coordinated global action by a wide range of civil society groups, the UNCAC may not achieve its promise.

Development of the Coalition


The Coalition’s primary campaign objective during in the period from 2006 to 2009 was to secure an effective, transparent and participatory monitoring mechanism for the UNCAC. To this end, members engaged in joint advocacy ahead of and during key intergovernmental meetings.

This phase ended with the adoption, in November 2009, of an UNCAC review mechanism that started operation in July 2010.


During the first cycle of UNCAC implementation reviews, the Coalition worked to ensure that civil society groups can contribute to the review process and to support them in making quality submissions. It also sought to gain government agreement to publish review reports for public scrutiny.

In late 2015, the Coalition registered as an independent association in Austria.

The Coalition’s Secretariat was hosted by the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin until mid-2018.


Since mid-2018, the Coalition has had a permanent representative in Austria.

In early 2019, the Coalition for the first time opened an office – we call it: the Vienna Hub – and now has a small permanent team which provides technical and advocacy support to civil society organisations around the world that use the UNCAC to advance their mission and in particular those that contribute and engage in the UNCAC review mechanism.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)