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Updated PR 2022
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Member in the Spotlight
Member in the Spotlight

Read more about this month's Member in the Spotlight,
Mexiro A.C., and their efforts to integrate a
feminist perspective in the anti-corruption agenda.

New report on strengthening the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM)

At a time of global crisis and declining democratic freedom, a robust review mechanism is crucial to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the UNCAC. The UNCAC Coalition has published a report showing that strong and urgent action is needed to strengthen the IRM.

New report on strengthening the
UNCAC Implementation
Review Mechanism (IRM)
ATI Campaign
Tracking Transparency in UNCAC Implementation

Civil society organizations across the world are using Freedom of Information legislation to request the release of information and documents related to the UNCAC Review Cycles. If you or your CSO would like to join this effort, write to ati@uncaccoalition.org

First draft IRG
The 13th session of the
UNCAC Implementation Review Group (IRG)

Vienna International Centre, 13-17 June 2022

More details on the IRG, the Coalition's own written submissions and side events
can be found on our dedicated IRG page.

Uveilingour Stories
Third draft CoSP
The 9th UNCAC Conference of the States Parties

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 13 - 17 December 2021

Civil Society Organizations participated in the 9th CoSP to ensure that governments will deliver on their anti-corruption commitments.

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What's New

Civil society at the 13th IRG – Interview with TI Papua New Guinea

10 August 2022 – The 13th session of the Implementation Review Group (IRG) met in Vienna between 13-17 June to discuss the performance of the review mechanism, the state of implementation of the UNCAC, technical assistance, and follow-up to the…

Montenegro signs the UNCAC Review Transparency Pledge

8 August 2022 – Montenegro has become the 33rd country to sign the UNCAC Coalition’s Transparency Pledge, voluntarily committing to a high level of transparency and civil society inclusion in the second cycle of the UNCAC implementation review. Montenegro was…

7th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting: Transparency in Beneficial Ownership

21 July 2022 – Beneficial ownership transparency (BOT) is an essential means for combating corruption and money laundering. It is emerging as a major strategy in tracking illicit financial flows and tax evasion. It aims to prevent companies’ owners from…

7th Sub-Saharan Africa regional meeting discusses Political and Public Integrity: What does the 2021 UNGASS Political Declaration say?

 21 July 2022 – In 2021, the UN General Assembly Special Session against Corruption (UNGASS 2021) passed the Resolution A/RES/S-32/1, adopting the Political Declaration, a “common commitment to effectively addressing challenges and implementing measures to prevent and combat corruption and…

Getting to know the UNCAC Coalition’s Global Network: priorities, challenges and future opportunities to advance anti-corruption efforts

22 July 2022 – In 2022, the UNCAC Coalition carried out the 2021 “Annual Activity Survey” to ask our members and affiliated organizations about their recent activities, priority issues, major challenges and engagement with UNCAC-related activities. The survey also requested…

7th Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean: The often overlooked but crucial link between gender and corruption

18 July 2022 – While corruption impacts all persons living in a society, more than 20 years of academic research and anti-corruption advocacy have shown that some members of society suffer its impact more than others. Corruption weakens the capacity…

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