Coalition Governance


The Charter is the foundational document of the UNCAC Coalition, which is registered as an association in Vienna, Austria. It sets out the ground rules which guide the Coalition, its planning and organisational processes, and the spirit of its work.

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The Coalition’s vision is a world in which corruption is effectively countered through transparent, participatory and collaborative action in compliance with an agreed international legal framework, particularly UNCAC.


The UNCAC Coalition will foster collaboration between civil society organisations globally to mobilise broad civil society action at national, regional and international levels to achieve the ratification, implementation, enforcement and monitoring of the UN Convention against Corruption.

Values and principles

We have evolved and thrived on a spirit of equality and voluntary engagement, which is reflected in our core values and principles:

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Collaboration, inclusiveness, integrity, professionalism, and non-partisanship in our work
  • Open exchange of information and ideas, based on mutual respect
  • Active promotion of human rights, democracy, human dignity and gender equality.

Coordination Committee

The UNCAC Coalition is governed by a Coordination Committee of twelve members, whose responsibilities include:

  1. Providing policy coordination and oversight of the work of the Secretariat.
  2. Overseeing the development and implementation of the Coalition’s strategy.
  3. Promoting the activities and projects of the Coalition, and helping to identify funding opportunities.
  4. Communicating positions of the Coalition to wider public audiences.
  5. Agreeing on the location and content of membership meetings.
  6. Approving new members.
  7. Ensuring the prompt and effective issuance of Coalition statements.
  8. Assisting the organisation of support for Coalition members, including assistance to members under attack due to their anti-corruption work.

The seats on the Coordination Committee are allocated as follows:

  • 8 Regional seats: One seat each for (a) sub-Saharan Africa; (b) Middle East and North Africa; (c) East Asia, Central Asia and Pacific; (d) South Asia; (e) Europe; and (f) the Americas, and two additional seats for the two regions with the largest number of members in the Coalition.
  • 2 International Member Organisation seats
  • 1 seat for Individual Affiliate Members
  • 1 seat for the Secretariat

Coordination Committee members are elected for terms of two years.
Elections for the first Coordination Committee took place in April 2011. Further elections for a part of the Committee are held annually in April.
You can find more information about the current members of the Coordination Committee here and more about its role and mandate in the Charter above.

Ethical Guidelines for members of the Coalition’s Coordination Committee (CCC)

UNCAC Coalition’s strategy (2018-2020)

UNCAC Coalition’s annual report

  • The UNCAC Coalition’s 2019 Annual Report is available for download here.

Recruitment Policy

Listserv Guidelines and Etiquette

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