The Ninth Session of the UNCAC Conference of States Parties (9th CoSP)

Page last updated: 21 October 2021

In preparation for the 9th session of the UNCAC Conference of States Parties (the 9th UNCAC CoSP) that will take place in Sharm-El- Sheikh, Egypt, 12-17 December, the UNCAC Coalition would like to invite you to a civil society briefing on the status of preparations for the conference. The briefing will take place virtually on 27 October, 2:00-3:00 PM Vienna time.

Agenda of the briefing

  • modalities for civil society participation
  • timeline and process of registration
  • information on visa application to Egypt
  • agenda of the 9th UNCAC CoSP (including the civil society in-person orientation briefing on 12 December)
  • main activities from a civil society perspective

Kindly register in advance for the briefing through this link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and a link for joining the meeting.

We would like to reach any CSO that wishes to become informed on the status of preparations for the 9th UNCAC CoSP, therefore this briefing is open to CSOs beyond our network; please feel free to forward this invitation to other relevant colleagues from civil society.

Attending the CoSP in Sharm el-Sheikh, 13–17 December 2021

Non-ECOSOC NGOs that expressed their interest by the deadline of 20 August and that were not objected to by any of the States Parties should receive an official letter of invitation from UNODC in the next couple of days. In case your organisation expressed interest and has not received an official invitation or other communication from UNODC, please let us know by Wednesday 27 October. 
NGOs with ECOSOC status can still communicate their interest in participating in the 9th CoSP by 26 November by sending an email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required with a copy to unodc-email hidden; JavaScript is required. (The sooner, the better, as applying only at the deadline will make it difficult to obtain the visa in time.)
A few important points from the “information for participants” note as well as other points to highlight:

Registration for the CoSP:

  • will be handled through the UN registration system INDICO, which works on the basis of self-registration. Participants first need to create an account in Indico (https://indico.un.org/login/) and then, in a second step, register for the Conference (it is our experience that the INDICO platform is at times unstable, so avoid registering at the last moment). More details on the official 9th CoSP website: https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/corruption/COSP/session9.html
  • Registration for the COSP is accessible through the following link: http://www.unodc.org/unodc/corruption/registration/cosp9/
  • Required documents to complete the INDICO registration: an official letter signed by the head of office of your organization, a copy of passport, a photo.
  • Attending the conference remotely: We are still awaiting instructions regarding the possibility to attend the CoSP remotely. It is not clear yet how many participants per delegation can attend the CoSP online.
  • Deadline for completing the INDICO registration: 12 November! (Both for in-person and remote participation).
  • We are not aware of any financial support by UNODC or any other organization, you have to cover all travel-related expenses yourself.

Other options for participation:

  • Inclusion in the UNCAC Coalition delegation: In case you are part of a CSO that failed to express its interest in participating in the CoSP by the above-mentioned deadline, and you would still like to attend the CoSP, please reach out to us as soon as possible – there may be a possibility to include you on the UNCAC Coalition’s delegation list (we cannot offer any financial support to cover any travel expenses).
  • Inclusion in a Country delegation: You may wish to contact your relevant government officials and ask to be included in the government delegation of the country to the 9th CoSP. This has been the established practice in a few State-party delegations. Being part of the country delegation would likely allow you to attend some of the meetings and negotiations at the Conference that are closed to observers – but the details and conditions would have to be agreed upon between you and your government. Keep in mind that countries should submit their CoSP delegation list by the same deadline of 12 November.

Visa to Egypt & Accommodation:

  • A valid visa and passport are required for entry into Egypt. Participants must contact the Egyptian embassy or consulate in their country to obtain information on the visa application – tourist visas apparently are not sufficient to attend the Conference!.
  • When reaching out to the local Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country, mention the reason for the visa application as: “participation in UNCAC CoSP 9, to be held in Sharm-El- Sheikh, 13-17 December”.
  • No special visas are offered for Conference participants.
  • Passports have to be valid at least six months from the date of entry to Egypt.
  • All Conference participants will not be charged a visa fee.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to start the visa application process as early as possible, no less than three weeks prior to the date of the opening of the Conference. 
  • As part of the visa application, participants will most likely have to include, together with the filled-out visa application form: 1. A copy of the official registration letter signed by the head of office. 2. A copy of the registration confirmation received through the INDICO system. 3. Details of flights and accommodation. 
  • Please carefully read page 10 of the “information for participants” note for more information on visas.
  • See information regarding accommodation on page 11 in the above-mentioned document, including on the list of recommended and affiliated hotels – there will be shuttle busses between those recommended hotels and the Conference venue, and if you book through the link included in the “information for participants” document, you get a special rate.

Covid-19 Preventive Measures:

  • The UN and the host Government will develop a COVID-19 prevention plan for the Conference. Details will be available on the official website of the CoSP.
  • Owing to the evolving nature of the situation, in-person participants are encouraged to check that information regularly.

Organization of Side Events

The UNODC has published the following guidelines regarding the organization of special events (also known as ‘side events’) during the 9th UNCAC CoSP that will be held later this year in Egypt. The strict deadline for submitting applications to organize special events was 30 September.

A few important points from the guidelines:
  • NGOs with observer status to the UNCAC CoSP will be eligible to organize special events. Co-organizers must have the same eligibility.
  • Special events will be 50 minutes each, during fixed time slots.
  • Event requests by States parties will be accommodated first.
  • In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, special events will be conducted in person and in a hybrid format, allowing for virtual participation.
  • Applications should be sent directly to UNODC. The contact details are stated in the Special Event Request Form.
For those of you who are considering holding a special event, please carefully read the guidelines and fill out the Special Event Request Form. These are published on the UNODC’s 9th UNCAC CoSP webpage.

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