Name of Organization’s Representative: Aya Riahi
Website: www.iwatch.tn/ar
Email: contact@iwatch.tn
Country: Tunisia
Which seat are you nominating for? Middle East & North Africa Regional Seat

Profile of Organization

IWATCH –أنا يقظ is a Tunisian NGO founded in 2011 after the Tunisian revolution, IWATCH works on enhancing transparency and integrity and combatting corruption. IWATCH is engaging and innovating against corruption through creative and innovative actions and ideas, it was able to gather more than 1000 people in its conferences and events.

IWATCH has an “Army” of volunteers who are young and motivated youth who share its principle and fight for its cause.

With its diversified media outlet, IWATCH was able to reach all the categories of citizens in Tunisia and was able to become the stage for those who are not welcome on traditional stages.

  • iBlog an inclusive platform for academic and learning content
  • Shbebek digital media platform of youth content creation on social media
  • iCheck  fact checking platform
  • Son Fm Associative Radio
  • Pinvestigate First platform specialized in following the pending investigations launched by the Government

IWATCH is one of the most influent NGOs in Tunisia, socially and politically its work on anticorruption cases has a great impact and its advocacy towards a better implementation of anticorruption standards is very effective.

For example, IWATCH’s work was mentioned by the ex-DFID minister Rory Stewart in the podcast “The rest is politics” which is the most listened podcast in the UK (starting min 5:50).

Organization’s Experience

I WATCH has joined the coalition in 2012. Even before joining the coalition, I WATCH has supported its lobbying endeavours in both COSPs, in Marrakech and Panama. I WATCH has been involved with the self-assessment mechanism in Tunisia. I WATCH was one of the 5 organisation to work with the Government on the Self-Assessment Report. In addition, I WATCH has published a shadow report that has civil society insight on the UNCAC review mechanism in 2016,  and now it is part of the new shadow report.

Top Three Priorities to Achieve for the Coalition

  1. Promote the work of the Coalition in the world and especially the MENA region through innovative communication and advocacy tools
  2. Engage and encourage more MENA region anticorruption NGOs and activists to join the coalition
  3. Advocate for a better UNCAC implementation and adoption of new resolutions serving a more effective fight against corruption

Profile of Candidate

Aya Riahi, 26 years, studied common law at the faculty of legal, political and social sciences of Tunis, is currently a master’s researcher specialized in international commercial arbitration and has BA in public law from the faculty of law and political science of Tunis.

Aya joined I WATCH organization in 2020 and worked as a legal advisor at YAKEDH Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (YALAC). As a legal advisor, she is responsible for assisting whistleblowers and handling corruption cases. She is currently the Head of the YALAC center and a member of the Executive Committee of the organization.

Aya is representing IWATCH organization in the CCC, she was elected Secretary of the board of the UNCAC Coalition in September 2022.

Here are few links of Aya’s work within IWATCH (representing the organization in national and international media)

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