Gillian Dell

Name: Gillian Dell
Name of Honorary Member nominating (if this is not a self-nomination): Juanita Olaya Garcia
Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Country: United States
Which seat are you nominating for? Honorary Members’ Seat

Experience and Profile of Candidate

Nomination by Juanita Olaya Garcia: Gillian Dell has been the founder and motor of the UNCAC Coalition. While we all share the same honour (and responsibility) of being Honorary members she has a special place within our constituency because of that. She has always contributed to the growth and development of the Coalition, but to me, among her most far reaching contributions is the imprint she has given to its culture with the way she works; this has given the Coalition a culture of generosity, of it being a real network where everybody has a place and a space, where it is not about someone’s ego, but about issues of common concern. A place for “flowers to bloom“ as she used to say.  She is a key contributor to the Board and makes it for me the best candidate among us. Beyond that, her presence at the Board is relevant to ensure institutional memory, learning and continuity. She also has the drive, the energy and the commitment that an engagement with the Board requires.  Her experience is well known already and I would be happy to share more details if necessary.

Top Three Priorities to Achieve for the Coalition

  1. Contribute to the work underway on UNCAC Coalition governance systems so as to put the Coalition on a stronger foundation
  2. Assist with the mobilization of members for joint advocacy goals at the upcoming UNCAC CoSP in Atlanta and beyond
  3. Help keep the board on track in its most important responsibilities

In addition, I will work with the Honorary members to get a group photo of us in our traditional polka dot outfits.

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