CCC Candidacy 2024: Fundación Multitudes

Organization: Fundación Multitudes
Name of Organization’s Representative: Paulina Ibarra
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Country: Chile
Which seat are you nominating for? Americas Regional Seat

Organization’s Profile

Fundación Multitudes is a non-profit organization focused on fostering co-responsibility between citizens and authorities, advocating for a more Open State, promoting transparent institutions and accountability to strengthen democracy. Our vision is grounded in the principles of human rights wherein the outcome of our efforts is that “all people have the right to influence and defend their interests and those of the community as part of the exercise of democracy”.

We work to prevent and fight against online gender violence generated by disinformation and fake news particularly within the realm of civic and political participation of women. Our organization leads the The Women’s Observatory on Disinformation and Democracy. In collaboration with partners in South America, we learn from and implement programs that support current and future women-led political leadership. We work towards safeguarding the integrity of democratic processes in the context of the digital age. The Observatory follows a model based on research, awareness-raising, capacity building, and political advocacy. This model is designed to promote changes in public policies and legal framework regarding online gender-based political violence, particularly against women in public life, indigenous communities, afro-descendants, rural populations, and sexual dissidence, such as queer and gender non-binary people, among others.


Organization’s Experience

Fundación Multitudes, a pioneering organization in anti-corruption efforts in Chile, joined the UNCAC Coalition in 2021. Our participation shows our commitment to transparency, accountability, and integrity which has also been strengthened through:

Regional Engagement:

  • Actively participated in regional meetings for Latin American and Caribbean members of the Coalition, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Civil Society Parallel Report:

  • Led the Civil Society Parallel Report on Chile’s implementation of the UNCAC.
  • Evaluated the application of Chapter II (Prevention) and Chapter V (Asset Recovery).
  • Conducted a multi-stakeholder consultation with government agencies and civil society organizations.

Recognition and Hosting High-Profile Panels:

  • Hosted the panel “Gendered Political Disinformation and Its Impact on Women Environmental and Human Rights Defenders” at the World Press Freedom Day Conference.
  • Featured Luz Haro (environmental rural activist), Elisa Loncon (former president of the Constitutional Convention), Maria Ressa (Nobel Prize winner), and Irene Khan (Special Rapporteur for the UN).

Leadership Training:

  • Trained over 1,600 local leaders on citizen participation and transparency.
  • Facilitated the establishment of the Civil Society Council in Isla de Maipo-Chile.

Support to Municipalities:

  • Provided technical assistance to municipalities led by female mayors in Chile to develop and implement Open Government Action Plans.
  • Promoted transparency and good governance.

Top 3 Priorities to Achieve as a CCC Member

  • Encourage anti-corruption
  • Promote Human Rights
  • Climate Justice

Candidate’s Profile

Ms. Paulina Ibarra is an expert in gender, open government and human rights with more than 20 years of professional experience, with special emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean. She worked at the World Bank on communication and development issues, and on the Open Government Initiative launched by President Barack Obama in 2011. She is currently a Vital Voices Fellow and works on combating disinformation and political gender-based violence.

Paulina has worked closely with the Private and Public Sectors, Civil Society Organisations, Multilaterals, and possesses a proven track record of successful strategic planning and implementation of programs and projects, including creative thinking to make strategic adjustments to work plans in order to achieve stated goals. She is highly skilled at engaging and building strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, such as funders, media, government agencies, and civil society organizations.

Paulina holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in politics from Marymount University, and a Master’s degree in Communication from Georgetown University.

Contributions to the Work of the Coalition

I plan to contribute to the UNCAC Coalition by leveraging my expertise in gender, open government, and human rights, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean. My work with the World Bank and the Open Government Partnership equips me with tools and extensive experience to enhance transparency and anti-corruption efforts. As a Vital Voices Fellow combating disinformation and political gender-based violence, I can offer strategic planning skills and a strong track record of stakeholder engagement. My work aligns with UNCAC’s mission, and I am committed to foster inclusive, multi-level collaborations to advance the coalition’s objectives and strengthen civil society’s role in governance.

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