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Transparency International EU, which is working to improve political integrity, and strengthen anti-money laundering and asset recovery rules across the EU.

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Society Parallel Report

Does your CSO want to contribute to the UNCAC review process on a national basis?
The UNCAC Coalition is offering technical and limited financial support to groups interested in producing a parallel report.

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ATI Campaign
Tracking Transparency in UNCAC Implementation

Civil society organizations across the world are using Freedom of Information legislation to request the release of information and documents related to the UNCAC Review Cycles. If you or your CSO would like to join this effort, write to

Third draft CoSP
The 10th UNCAC Conference of the States Parties

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 11-15 December 2023

Civil Society Organizations can participate in the 10th CoSP to ensure that governments will deliver on their anti-corruption commitments.

New report on strengthening the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM)

At a time of global crisis and declining democratic freedom, a robust review mechanism is crucial to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the UNCAC. The UNCAC Coalition has published a report showing that strong and urgent action is needed to strengthen the IRM.

Report on strengthening the
UNCAC Implementation
Review Mechanism (IRM)
First draft IRG
The 14th session of the
UNCAC Implementation Review Group (IRG)

Vienna International Centre, 12-16 June 2023

More details on the IRG, the Coalition's own written submissions and side events
can be found on our dedicated IRG page.

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What's New

Why the EU could and should join the International Treaty on Exchange of Data for the Verification of Asset Declarations

26 March 2024 – Guest Blog  Asset declaration systems are one of the most powerful tools in combating corruption. However, the effectiveness of asset declarations all depends on their verification. When verifying asset declarations of public officials, access to foreign…


22 March 2024 The UNCAC Coalition is announcing the upcoming election of members of the Coalition’s Coordination Committee (CCC), our board, which oversees and strategically guides the work of the Coalition. To submit a candidacy, please fill out this form and…

15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting: Combating Money Laundering in the Pacific Islands and beyond – What can civil society organizations do?

22 March 2024 –  Money laundering is a complex and dynamic challenge across the Asia-Pacific region. It involves disguising financial assets derived from criminal activity into funds with an apparently legal source, with devastating economic, political and social costs including…

11th Regional Meeting for Europe – Anti-corruption agencies and civil society in Europe: from collaboration to monitoring

18 March 2024 – Most countries in Europe have established anti-corruption agencies and authorities as a key pillar of their national integrity frameworks. As corruption is a multifaceted phenomenon, the importance of such agencies has steadily increased, with mandates to…

1st MENA Regional Meeting in 2024: Promoting Transparency in Public Procurement in the MENA Region

18 March 2024 –  Reforming public procurement: A vital way to enhance service delivery and ensure better lives for citizens In the UNCAC Coalition’s Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) regional meeting in late February, activists from the region discussed governments’…

New civil society report on Chad: Gaps in legal and institutional frameworks hampering real progress on UNCAC implementation

29 February 2024 –  A recent report authored by the Organisation Tchadienne Anti-Corruption (OTAC) finds that provisions for the prevention of corruption and asset recovery (Chapter II and V of the UNCAC) are largely missing from legal and institutional frameworks…

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