Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD)




Country: Zimbabwe
Website: http://www.zimcodd.org/
Tel:+263 242 776830
Social media: Facebook, Twitter
Focal point: John P. Maketo, Programmes Manager
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Sustainable socio-economic justice in Zimbabwe through a vibrant people-based movement.


To take action against the debt burden and socio-economic injustices through movement building and alternative policy formulation.

General description of your work in the prevention of and the fight against corruption

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development has been involved in the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe both at national and regional levels from the broader perspective of illicit financial flows with corruption being cited as both a source and a facilitator of illicit financial flows from Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. The organisation is thus part of the consortium “Zimbabwe Network Against Illicit Financial Flows comprising of Transparency International Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Environmental Association, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development and the Centre for Natural Resource Governance which are championing anti-corruption work in Zimbabwe.

The work of ZIMCODD in the fight against corruption in the public sector is also derived from the Auditor General’s report which on an annual basis reveals shocking revelations of corruption and failure to follow procurement procedures among other governance challenges in government ministries, local authorities and state-owned enterprises. ZIMCODD’s interventions are always based on a comprehensive analysis of the Auditor General’s Report which is done by ZIMCODD on an annual basis whose recommendations are strong on combatting corruption, strengthening systems, asset recovery, public disclosure of the public tender system in Zimbabwe.

ZIMCODD is actively involved in the monitoring of Zimbabwe’s commitments to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) in Zimbabwe having participated and made submissions in the internal review processes and also in the external review processes led by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the external review teams of UNCAC respectively.

ZIMCODD has a working relationship with the Zimbabwean chapter of the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) in its current project on Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Public Finance Management (STAP) which is pushing for a whistleblower protection policy and the strengthening of the administrative and anti-corruption courts in Zimbabwe.

ZIMCODD’s work on tax justice is also directed at addressing both public and private sector corruption that undermine the ability of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority to mobilise resources from the mining sector and at ports of entry. Secrecy and opacity in the mining sector have further fuelled corruption especially in state-owned mining companies. This project is aimed at benefiting the ordinary Zimbabweans whose social and economic rights are being violated as a result of public sector corruption which undermines the ability of the state to deliver on its mandate owing to massive resource leakages.

Describe your organization’s work linked with the UN Convention against Corruption

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development is actively involved in the monitoring of the UNCAC provisions having been actively involved in two processes in 2019. The first being an internal review and monitoring process that was championed by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission. ZIMCODD also took part in the external review processes from the 6 member team from the United Nations, Angola and Cape Verde in May 2019 that came to review mechanisms and measures being implemented in Zimbabwe. ZIMCODD made its submissions with regard to progress being made in the implementation of UNCAC’s Chapter 2 and 5 on preventive measures and asset recovery.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)