UNCAC NGO Briefing – 15 June 2022

The annual briefing of civil society organizations on the UNCAC by UNODC will take place on 15 June 2022 at 13:15 to 15:00 in a hybrid format (via MS teams and at the UN office in Vienna).

The meeting is taking place on the margins of the 13th Session of the UNCAC Implementation Review Group (IRG).


  • Only Organizations with ECOSOC status or non-ECOSOC groups admitted as observers to the 9th Conference of the States Parties are allowed to attend. 
  • All organizations registered for the briefing can make written submissions to the UNCAC Implementation Review Group (deadline: 10 days before the briefing). The UNCAC Coalition is preparing several submissions. 
  • The briefing is based on UNCAC CoSP Resolution 4/6no country names shall be mentioned during the briefing.
  • In the week of the briefing, governmental experts will meet at the UN in Vienna for the UNCAC Working Group on Prevention, providing opportunities for informal meetings (NGO observers are not allowed to attend the working group).
  • The UNCAC Coalition is (co-)organizing several side events during the week of the NGO briefing.

Details on the Briefing 

The briefing takes place on the margins of a session of the UNCAC Implementation Review Group (which NGOs are not allowed to attend). The briefing provides an opportunity for civil society to engage with UNODC and hopefully also member states participating in the briefing. 

To attend the briefing in person or online, please register with UNODC before 31 May. Organizations should have received an invitation message from email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Registration procedure:
“An official letter indicating the representatives of your Organization’s delegation who wish to participate in the briefing should include the following information:

(a) Name(s);

(b) Title(s);

(c) Contact details including individual email addresses, which will be used to grant and verify virtual access to the briefing;

(d) A clear indication of whether the participant(s) will attend in person or online.

The official letter should be sent no later than 31 May 2022 (no additional registrations will be accepted after that date) to the secretariat of the Conference of the Parties, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, P.O. Box 500, 1400 Vienna, Austria, fax: +43 1 26060 5848 or an advance scanned copy to the following email address: email hidden; JavaScript is requiredindicating “NGO briefing– [name of the organization]”). Please note that only scanned copies of official letters will be accepted by email. Participants are advised to regularly consult the website of the thirteenth session of the Implementation Review Group for updated information regarding the registration process.”