UNCAC Coalition and UNODC sign Memorandum of Understanding

7 September 2020 –

Jean-Luc Lemahieu (UNODC) and Mathias Huter (UNCAC Coalition)

On 2 September 2020, Mathias Huter, Managing Director of the UNCAC Coalition, and Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Director of the Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs of UNODC, met at the Vienna International Centre to sign a Memorandum of Understanding reaffirming the joint commitment of the UNCAC Coalition and UNODC to fighting corruption around the UNCAC. 

The Memorandum of Understanding represents a commitment from both parties to consolidate and work together to achieve common goals, raise awareness about the consequences of corruption, and facilitate the collaboration between the United Nations, national authorities, the private sector, the greater public and civil society in order to advance anti-corruption efforts and increase transparency.

According to Article 13 of the UNCAC, States Parties to the Convention should take measures to promote the active participation of non-state actors, including civil society and non-governmental organisations. This Memorandum of Understanding reiterates the importance of civil society as a crucial partner for UNODC and States Parties in the implementation of corruption-related projects, as well as an essential stakeholder in national, regional, and international anti-corruption fora.

We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with UNODC, which in the past has brought together dozens of civil society organisations in workshops and trainings in Addis Ababa, Belgrade, and Cartagena, to stimulate citizen participation, raise awareness, build capacity and strengthen advocacy in relation to the UNCAC.