UNCAC Review Status Tracker

The UNCAC review mechanism combines a self-assessment by the country under review with a governmental peer review. The involvement of civil society in the review process is unfortunately only optional.

The UNCAC review process comprises two five-year cycles:

  1. The first cycle (2010–2015) covers chapter III on criminalization and law enforcement and chapter IV on international cooperation;
  2. The second cycle (initially 2015–2020) covers chapter II on preventive measures and chapter V on asset recovery. Due to significant delays, the UNCAC Conference of the States Parties decided to extend the duration of the second cycle to June 2024.

The outputs of each country review are a self-assessment checklist by the country under review, a full country review report prepared by the peer reviewers and approved by the country under review, and an executive summary of this report. The publication of the self-assessments checklists and the full country review reports are optional. However, an increasing number of countries are agreeing to publishing these two key documents. The executive summaries are automatically published on the UNODC’s website.

Overview tables

The following tables provide an overview of the status of the UNCAC review in all States Parties to the Convention for both the 2nd and ongoing review cycle, and further below for the 1st review cycle, grouped by region and year of review, and includes information on:

  • The UNCAC review itself:
    • Scheduled year of review;
    • Status of review (ongoing, completed or unknown);
    • Details on the status of review (information obtained through UNCAC focal points, Permanent Missions in Vienna, UNODC or CSOs);
    • Name and job title of the governmental UNCAC focal point (if known) – contact us for their contact information;
    • Peer reviewing countries;
    • Available UNCAC review documents (governmental expert list, self-assessment checklist, executive summary, full country report);
    • Information on measures taken after the completion of the country review.
  • Additional information:

The table is continuously updated. If you are your government’s UNCAC focal point or otherwise have reliable information on the status of the UNCAC review in a particular country and would like us to update this table, please write an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required  and CC email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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Second Cycle UNCAC review (ongoing until June 2024)

First Cycle UNCAC review (2010-2015)

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