Overview of the in-person Coordination Committee meeting, 21–22 June

6 July 2012, by Vincent Lazatin.

Taking advantage of the presence of a majority of the members of the UNCAC Coalition Coordination Committee in Vienna due to the IRG NGO briefing, the Coordination Committee held a two-day strategy meeting. The goal of the strategy meeting was to plan for the next Conference of States Parties in 2013 in Panama and to assess the Coalition’s ability to sustain advocacy work in between COSPs. The Committee identified the need for support and funding as a key issue in sustaining advocacy work for the UNCAC and proposed solutions to address these concerns. It also identified critical milestones that must be reached in order to maximize its participation in Panama in 2013. Once properly documented, the output of the strategy meeting will be shared with the general Coalition membership. The two-day strategy session was facilitated by Julie Schindall, a consultant hired by the Transparency International Secretariat.