Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation (BIRC)

  • Country: North Macedonia
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  • Focal point: Lorik Idrizi, Project Manager
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Mission and vision

The vision of the BIRC is to contribute to the building of a functioning democratic state, where every citizen will be guaranteed freedom of speech, movement and other political freedoms. This vision implies a society with good governance, transparent and accountable institutions, free and plural media, an active and consolidated civil society as well as a state where the rule of law functions.The BIRC has a vision of creating a society of free, tolerant and equal citizens, with a basis for the functioning of democratic principles. The BIRC has a vision of creating common progressive values at the regional level, by establishing bridges between all factors in social life that will embrace those values. The BIRC aims to build bridges of cooperation between journalists, civil society actors and experts from various fields in the Balkans. The organization also strives for greater mutual knowledge between citizens and people of the Balkans, without prejudice and stereotypes. With a mission to accomplish its vision, BIRC seeks to promote and implement the paradigm of quality journalism and scholarly research in the social and public space. BIRC will apply the knowledge, experience and best practices of the types that make up quality journalism, such as: 1. Constructive or solution journalism, which doesn’t mean only detecting the problems, but also providing suggestions for precise and concrete solutions to the same ones. 2. Scientific journalism – reporting on science and its promotion as a means of solving citizens’ problems. 3. Analytical journalism – which implies in-depth and accurate observation of all the problems that citizens face. In addition, scientific research is an important pillar of the BIRC‘s mission, which is used to respond to all social phenomena that are in the public interest. BIRC’s mission is to create a broad framework for cooperation at national and regional levels, with the aim of promoting open dialogue with all social actors involved in democratic values.

Priority areas your organisation is working on

BIRC is non-governmental and non-partisan, fully independent in its operations,  and based in Tetovo. The organization is committed to promoting and practicing quality journalism and scientific research in fulfilling of its goals for a society with democratic values, transparent institutions, functional democracy and the creation of a region of cooperation and prosperity.

Important achievements for your organisation over the past 2 years

With our media outlet, Political Club Debate that is our organization’s media outlet we publish analyses and we visualize data on how the  government spends public money. In this way we put public pressure and raise awareness against corruption.

CSO’s work in relation to the UNCAC and the UNCAC review mechanism

We have not had experience with the review mechanism yet.

Anti-corruption activities CSO was involved in over the past 2 years

We are producing 15 documentaries , and one of the topics is : the role of whistleblowers and how to protect them in North Macedonia and region.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)