New Videos from UNCAC COSP2

19 March 2010.

In January 2010, TI launched a 4-part video series “Scenes from a Global Anti Corruption Summit” This collection of short videos documents civil society involvement at the 2nd UNCAC Conference of States Parties in Indonesia in 2008 and showcases interviews with civil society participants . We invite you to check out the videos for an introduction to UNCAC, the Coalition and the CoSP!

What is the UNCAC? What happens at an UNCAC Conference of States Parties? Why is it important for CSOs to be there? What does the UNCAC Coalition do there? Why do anti-corruption activists need protection? The 4 short video clips produced by TI aim to provide some answers.

Scenes from a Global Anti-Corruption Summit is made up of segments ranging from 4 to 9 minutes long consisting of:

Part 1 – Speaking of Corruption
Part 2 – UNCAC: A Global Treaty
Part 3 – The Global UNCAC Coalition in Action
Part 4 – Protecting Anti-Corruption Activists

Once you’ve had a look, your feedback would be welcome! And please do also consider linking to or embedding the videos in your web pages and sharing them with Facebook or Twitter or other online communities. Help spread the word!