Mauritius signs the UNCAC Review Transparency Pledge

7 September 2020 – 

Mauritius has become the 26th country and the first country in the African region to sign the UNCAC Coalition’s Transparency Pledge, voluntarily committing to a high level of transparency and civil society inclusion in the second cycle of the UNCAC implementation review.

Mauritius’s second cycle UNCAC implementation review, which covers articles on prevention (Chapter II of the UNCAC) and asset recovery (Chapter V), was scheduled for 2016 and the country visit by peer reviewers Mauritania and Panama took place in April 2017.

A best practice of the review was having wide multi-stakeholder engagement and regular consultations with civil society (UNCAC Article 13). Mauritius already published its full country report and will soon publish its self-assessment checklist as well.

The Transparency Pledge was signed by Dr. Navin Beekarry, the Director-General of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Click here for more details on how the review mechanism works.

Principles of Transparency

The Transparency Pledge covers the following principles, complementing the UNCAC Coalition’s guide which includes best practice approaches for promoting transparency and participation in the review process:

  1. We will publish updated review schedules for our country review
  2. We will share information about the review institution or the coordinator (focal point)
  3. We will announce the completion of the country review indicating where the report can be found
  4. We will promptly post online the self-assessment and the full country report in a UN language, together with the executive summary in local languages
  5. We will organise civil society briefings and public debates about the findings of the report
  6. We will publicly support participation of civil society observers in UNCAC subsidiary bodies