Letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

18 February 2021 –

Juanita Olaya Garcia, acting in her personal capacity as an international law expert and as the lead of the UNCAC Coalition’s Working Group on Victims of Corruption, and José Ugaz, acting in his personal capacity, as a Criminal Law expert partner of Benites Vargas & Ugaz Law Firm, former Special State Attorney and former Chair of Transparency International, have addressed the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in support of a filing made by Estefanía Medina Ruvacalba and Luz Adriana Mercedes Greaves Muñoz of TOJIL, an UNCAC Coalition member organisation from Mexico.

The letter concerns their appeal in the case of Javier Duarte, a former governor of the State of Veracruz in eastern Mexico, who had embezzled USD 30 million that was earmarked for social programs. The appeal seeks to ensure that the voices of victims of corruption are heard.

Read more on the background of the Duarte case in English or en Español.

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