Interview with Madam Le Thi Thuy, Vietnam Government Deputy Inspector General

13 October 2015.

Does Vietnam already have plans for follow-up on the recommendations from the first cycle of the UNCAC review process?

The Government of Vietnam enacted Resolution No. 82/NQ-CP on 6 December 2012 with a view to implementing the recommendations from the first cycle of the UNCAC Review Process. Also, those recommendations have been taken into account when developing plans to revise some significant laws in Vietnam, such as the Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Law on Anti-corruption.

How is Vietnam preparing for the second cycle of reviews?

As recognised in the first cycle, Vietnam has always been very serious and proactive in the Review Mechanism, and we are now ready for the second cycle. In the first cycle, being among the states parties that finished the country review process early, participated effectively in the review of other states parties (Austria and China), as well as being involved actively in the discussions on the second review cycle, Vietnam believes that our implementation of the second review cycle will also run smoothly.

What are your expectations for the second cycle of UNCAC reviews and the outcome on this subject in St Petersburg?

Like other states parties, Vietnam believes that with the careful preparations of the host, the Russian Federation, in all aspects, as well as the exhaustive efforts of the Secretariat of the Conference of States Parties (CoSP), the permanent missions of the states parties in Vienna and all other stakeholders, the 6th Session of the CoSP will be a great success. We hope that the states parties will come to a consensus on the second review cycle, heading towards effectiveness, objectivity and positivity, in the spirit of mutual understanding, sharing of good practice and providing assistance for capacity-building among the states parties.

What are your overall expectations for the Conference of States Parties in St Petersburg?

We expect the states parties to look forward to and reach a basic consensus on the issues relating to the UNCAC, especially on the second review cycle. However, the most important thing is the sharing of viewpoints, agreed commitments and united actions in order to effectively control corruption, to curb the damage it causes and maximise the remedies for society, especially for the disadvantaged groups.

What is Vietnam’s position regarding civil society participation in UNCAC processes, global and national? What has been your experience in working with civil society groups in connection with the UNCAC review process?

Vietnam recognises and appreciates the positive and constructive contributions of social organisations in the process of UNCAC implementation and the UNCAC implementation review. In the first cycle, Vietnam effectively mobilised the participation of social organisations in such activities as compiling information, and giving feedback and comments on the outcomes of the self-assessment report in all related aspects. The active and constructive involvement of those organisations contributed to the development of a good-quality, comprehensive and objective country report from Vietnam, which was recognised by the Secretariat and international community. This can be a good practice for Vietnam to share with other states parties.

What are Vietnam’s views on the Transparency Pledge?

Vietnam welcomes all initiatives by all entities and organisations in general for a better society, especially initiatives on transparency and anti-corruption which are built on the ground of respect and in compliance with the domestic laws of the states parties.

About Madam Le Thi Thuy

Madam Le Thi Thuy is Vietnam Government Deputy Inspector General and Head of Vietnam Delegation to the 6th Session of the COSP.