I Watch

Website: https://www.iwatch.tn/ar/
Social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
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Telephone: +216 71 322 715
Full Address: 28 rue Jameul Abdelnaceur, Floor 1, Suite 1
Region: MENA
Organisation Contact Name: Achref Aouadi, Founder

Organisation Mission

We are a Tunisian watchdog group created after the Tunisian revolution in 2011. We gather motivated young men and women, whose average age is 23 to 24, from different regions of the country to enhance transparency and fight corruption through projects related to the UNCAC. We follow two main principles: no exclusion and no trusteeship. By trusteeship, we mean that youths should have a bigger role and not be “babysat” by the older generation under the pretext that they lack experience. Instead, they should stand up for themselves and their rights.

How did your organisation get involved in the Coalition?

In a training session in South Africa, I WATCH was introduced to the UNCAC Coalition. Seeing the importance of the Coalition’s work and the UNCAC review mechanism, we joined right away — the first Tunisian NGO to do so.

What do you find most exciting about UNCAC work?

Working on the UNCAC, especially in countries where fighting corruption is not institutionalised, makes us feel that we are part of history. Working closely with the government and other civil society organisations on whistleblower protection, asset declaration and asset recovery gives us the feeling that we are an agent of change for the good of people.

What, if any, UNCAC related activities have you been involved in?

I WATCH organised roundtables across Tunisia to make people familiar with the UNCAC. We also led a project with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime on engaging the private sector in the UNCAC review mechanism. We are part of the civil society team assisting the government in completing its self-assessment on UNCAC implementation in Tunisia and in the review mechanism in general.

What UNCAC related activities/work are you most looking forward to?

Since Tunisia is undergoing a review this year, we are working full speed on the process with a government expert team. We are looking forward to the fifth Conference of the States Party to the UNCAC (COSP) in November 2013 in Panama, where we will present a joint report on the review mechanism as part of a civil society coalition of five organizations that has been assisting the government in this effort. We are also looking forward to the second cycle of the UNCAC review process, especially Chapter 2, on preventive measures and how civil society can play a larger role advocating for better legal frameworks and raising awareness about fighting corruption.

What is your group’s greatest accomplishment so far?

In the Oct. 23 presidential and legislative elections in Tunisia, I WATCH was the only civil society group to publish a primary report on the vote. We are the only organisation in the history of Tunisia to observe university elections, too.