The Boogeyman: Who Killed Sherry Anne Duncan?

The Boogeyman: Who Killed Sherry Anne Duncan? (Thailand)

Submitted by Chalisa Trakarnkitvichit, Prim Poungpet, Pul Parmar 

“The Boogeyman” is an animated true-crime series hand-crafted by three college students from Mahidol University. Real crimes, real victims – the series explores Thailand’s most unsettling crime cases in stop motion and 2D animation to raise essential questions regarding societal issues like corruption. 

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What inspired you to create this story and film?

Representation of true crime cases in the media hover between fiction-infused entertainment and objectivity. As students of media and communication, we wanted to present the crime cases in Thailand objectively, and highlight the societal issues linked to it. The Boogeyman unravels an infamous crime case from Thailand.

Our main inspiration came from a forensic doll house study by Frances Glessner Lee called ‘Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death’. We were in awe with how ordinary and static objects could tell so much of a story, and revolutionized homicide investigation, so we were inspired to tell a story through a similar medium, but bringing those still objects to film format. 

Is there any experience you had while creating the film which you would like to share with us?

We dipped our hands into stop motion filmmaking for the first time for this project. The process is slow but rewarding. Instead of renting a studio, we transformed a small room in our apartment into a makeshift studio. Most of our props were made from scratch, and the entire production from start to finish was a three-woman job. Transparent communication and teamwork made this project possible, so it ran smoothly. We would also like to say huge thanks to our family and friends who helped us out along the way as well.

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