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    Section I: Membership Type


    Section II: Your Personal Profile

    First name(s):

    Last names(s):

    Job title and affiliation:

    Email address:

    Phone number (please indicate country code and city code):

    Online presence (e.g. website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – please provide links):

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    Postal address (please indicate the street address, city, postal code and country):

    Your preferred language(s) (choose as many as you like):

    If other, please specify:


    Section III: Your Professional Profile

    Please list all NGOs, networks and coalitions that you are affiliated with:

    Please disclose any other partners you are collaborating with, are currently affiliated with and/or have received funding from as a consultant, employee or otherwise in the past 3 years (including government institutions, UN agencies, international/national NGOs, international development agencies, actors from the private sector, individual actors):

    Areas of anti-corruption expertise (please describe the main policy areas and the nature of projects and activities you have worked on and are currently working on in a concise manner):

    Main activities with the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), past and present (please describe the projects and activities related to the UNCAC that you have so far been involved in, if any):

    For how many years have you been working on anti-corruption issues?

    Please list and provide links to your recent publications in relation to anti-corruption, transparency and good governance (including reports, articles, blogs, papers, books, project websites, etc.):

    Alternatively, you can provide the links to the publications here:

    Please list relevant international, regional and national conferences, workshops and other events on the UNCAC and its implementation that you have attended/organised in the past years:

    What are your main reasons for wishing to join the UNCAC Coalition? How do you think the UNCAC Coalition can help you in your work (please note: we do not provide grants or fundraising support)?

    Have you previously engaged with the UNCAC Coalition (e.g. by attending workshops or trainings, via email, etc.)?

    How would you like to support the UNCAC Coalition and contribute to its work?

    Please write down up to three expectations you have from the UNCAC Coalition’s Vienna Hub Team:


    Section IV: Required Documents

    Please upload your CV or bio (doc, docx, pdf, max. 100 MB):

    Alternatively, you can provide a link to your file here:

    Please provide two supporting letters of recommendation (doc, docx, pdf, max. 100 MB). These letters should ideally come from past or present supervisors, colleagues or from a civil society organisation you have cooperated with in the past:

    Alternatively, you can provide a link to your file here:

    Alternatively, you can provide a link to your file here:


    Section V: Statements of Agreement

    Please read all the statements carefully. For your application to be considered, please note that all boxes need to be ticked.

    I hereby agree with the UNCAC Coalition’s mission, vision and values, including accountability, transparency, integrity and mutual support as outlined on our webpage.

    I hereby take note of the UNCAC Coalition’s Charter. I understand my obligations as a member of the UNCAC Coalition outlined in §7 of the webpage, including the submission of an annual activity update to the Coalition’s Vienna Hub Team.

     I agree to uphold the highest standard of integrity and refrain from actions and communication which misrepresents the vision, mission and values of the Coalition or misuses the logo and name of the Coalition.

     I confirm that the information provided above is correct, that I am acting independently from any influence from the public sector, the armed forces, the government, State entities and political parties, the private sector or other relevant actors or interest groups that may affect and compromise my work.


    Section VI: Additional Information

    Please write here any other information that you would like to share with us:


    Once you have submitted your application successfully, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. The Vienna Hub Team will get in touch with you shortly afterwards.