Board Election for South Asia Regional Seat

10 November 2020 –

After the UNCAC Coalition’s board seat for the South Asia Regional Seat became vacant recently, the Coalition is holding a special election for that seat.

UNCAC Coalition member organisations from the regional are elegible to run for the seat.

The term of the vacant seat ends in May/June 2022.

Relevant documents and forms

Timeline of the election

  • Tue, Nov 10: nomination period begins
  • Mon, 11 Jan 2021: nomination period ends
  • Tue, 12 Jan 2021: Instructions sent to members with information on the candidates and the next steps of the election procedure.
    Profiles of all candidates are published on the UNCAC Coalition website, a forum for questions and answers to candidates is provided 
  • Wed, 27 Jan 2021: Voting starts
  • Wed, 3 Feb 2021: Voting ends