Country: Czech Republic
Website: www.oziveni.cz/en/
Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn
Focal Point: Marek Zelenka, Chairman
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Mission and Vision

The aim of the non-profit organization Oživení is to promote principles of accountability and transparency in public administration, the development of civic society, democracy and the rule of law, and to support the active participation of citizens in the administration of public affairs.


Priority areas the organisation is working on

  • Anti-corruption policies on municipal level
  • Freedom of information
  • Public procurement
  • Conflict of interests
  • Whistleblowing
  • Municipal decision-making processes
  • Municipally funded media
  • Municipally owned companies

Most important achievements in past two years

The E.A.T. (Expanding Anonymous Tipping) project helps to widely expand anonymous tipping technology deployment, operation and trustworthiness to combat corruption in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Protection of Whistleblowers – Current Challenge for the Czech Republic:
A large four-year system project, the aim of which is to comprehensively improve the position and protection of whistleblowers in the Czech Republic.

Anti-Corruption Counselling Center:
An annual project in which we provide a counselling center for citizens, deputies, mayors and councilors, officials, journalists and the general public in anti-corruption policies and municipal decision-making processes.

Upgrade Your Democracy 2021:
In this project we use modern tools to focus on raising awareness to public institutions, the possibility of active involvement and support for public scrutiny.

Municipal Media 2020:
The project was focused on the analysis of newsletters and TV broadcasting of regional governments before the regional elections. The aim was to map the abuse of regional newsletters and purchased regional TV broadcasts for the election campaign by representatives of the regional governments.

Specific description of the CSOs work on anti-corruption

Oživení fights corruption in all its forms and at all levels of the public and private sector. Our team of lawyers and analysts advise municipalities and individual citizens alike. They monitor both local corrupt practices and those affecting society as a whole.

Oživení regularly organizes workshops mainly for future local politicians, provides free legal counsel to the general public, journalists or politicians and public servants.

We lobby for better legislation in the areas of transparency, public procurement, public procurement regulatory bodies, beneficial owners disclosure, conflict of interest etc.

We also file complaints to different state and municipal offices in order to stop fraudulent practices.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)