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2nd UNCAC Review Cycle Experts
  • Sorin Tănase, Legal adviser with the status of a magistrate
  • Anca Jurma, Chief prosecutor of the Service for International Cooperation and Programs; National Anticorruption Directorate
  • Anca Luminita Stroe, Legal adviser with the status of a magistrate, Department of Crime Prevention
  • Gheorghe Bocsan, Pubic Prosecutor; The Prosecutors office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, National Anti-Corruption Directorate
  • Cornel Virgiliu Calinescu, Director, Directorate for Crime Prevention
  • Horatiu Ovidiu Baias, Chief prosecutor of the Technical Service – National Anticorruption Directorate
  • Dana Maria Roman, Legal Adviser with Statute of Magistrate

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