Civic Alliance


Country: Montenegro
Focal Point: Pavle Cupic, Legal Adviser
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Tel: +382 20 513 687

Mission and vision

Montenegro is a democratic society based on the rule of law, and has been developing as a civil society full of active and informed citizens that hold public institutions accountable to function in accordance with positive legal regulations. Civic Alliance (CA) efficiently contributes to maintaining a civil and democratic society, through strengthening capacities and providing support to civil initiatives, protecting and promoting human rights, as well as through holding public institutions accountable.

General description of the CSO work in the anti-corruption area

Civic Alliance participated in the election of members of the Council of Agency for Prevention of Corruption. One of our representatives was part of the Parliamentary Committee that elected the Council of Agency for Prevention of Corruption members. We participated in preparing statutes and regulations for the Agency. We monitored the work of the Agency until it decided to close its meetings for third parties. Additionally, we participated in sessions of the parliamentary Anti-Corruption Committee.

Specific description of the CSO work in relation to the UNCAC

We work in accordance with UNCAC Article 10 (public reporting), Article 11 (measures relating to the judiciary), and Article 13 (participation of society). This includes promoting the active participation of individuals and groups outside the public sector, such as civil society, non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations, in the prevention of and the fight against corruption and raising public awareness about the existence, causes and gravity of and the threat posed by corruption. To that effect:

  • In relation to Article 10, the Civic Alliance participated in development of the Statute and the Rulebook on work of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, where it insisted on openness of the sessions of the Council for the media and the public.
  • In relation to Article 11, for four years the Civic Alliance has conducted research among judges, prosecutors, and citizens about the confidence in judiciary, and every year the survey indicates that citizens believe that corruption is one of the most serious causes for unfavorable work conditions.
  • In relation to Article 13, the Civic Alliance kept the citizens informed of the non-transparent practices of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption via media outlets (such as

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