Country: Moldova
Website: terra1530.md
Facebook: www.facebook.com/terra1530
Focal Point: Petru Botnaru, Executive Director, Editor
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Tel: +37369126480

Mission and vision

Terra’s mission is to instruct and strengthen rural communities’ capacity to develop in a sustainable manner. Terra works in an economically disadvantaged region, and focuses mainly on the needs of teenagers. We consider that youth has the power to change the society and the economy.


  • setting up an informative centre with the use of the newest informational technology consisting of a periodical and local television;
  • enhancing the public capacity in taking decisions on environment issues;
  • development of the rural tourism;
  • protection of the land owners’ rights;
  • supporting the reform process of local public administration.

Since in 2000, Terra has continuously published the independent periodical ADEVARUL (The Truth), since recently in three languages: Romanian, Russian and English.

General description of the CSO work in the anti-corruption area

On February 20, 2009 the Galesti local council decided to declare the village as “Area free of corruption”. This led to support from the mayoralty for the initiatives of the NGO “Terra-1530” to create a Center for Human Rights Protection. Within the Center, the citizens from the region will receive specialized legal assistance and information. The information dissemination activities of the Center will be organized by a group of volunteers. The initiative will directly contribute to train and provide tools to a group of youth volunteers from local communities on anti-corruption non-formal education by organizing a summer school.

Specific description of the CSO work in relation to the UNCAC

  • Publishing “Adevarul” (The truth) informative bulletin. It contains articles about corruption and its negative effects, and is written by the rural citizens of Moldova. 10000 copies of the bulletin will be disseminated among citizens from villages covered by the project.
  • Editing some special supplements to the “Adevărul” (The Truth) publication, the topics of which will be fundamental human rights and freedoms. In the publication, the ways of benefiting from these rights will be highlighted; we will aim to ensure public participation in the decision-making process; focus will also be placed on sector strengthening, rural women’s life, civic education, ethnic and political harmony.
  • Anticorruption CARAVAN.
  • Videos

Specific description of the CSO work in relation to the review mechanism of the UNCAC

We promote transparency and inclusion.

One of the most pressing problems of Moldovan society, especially in rural areas, is the absence of access to information or limited access to public information. Since the price of subscriptions to periodicals is very high for the majority of village people, and Radio and TV are contingent upon there being power, the population from the rural regions stays uninformed about different fields of general interest. In this way the rural people can be easily manipulated by those who have a monopoly on the information market. The right to information is fundamental, and limiting it, is an infraction of this human right. Even if it is not declared by official institutions, this is the situation faced by the absolute majority of the rural localities in Republic of Moldova. In a society that is not informed, the public authorities can easily camouflage its inaction or even its anti-popular actions in most cases. We aim to achieve inclusion of the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

A global civil society network promoting the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)