A warm welcome to the newly elected Coalition Coordination Committee (CCC)

19 June 2020 –

The UNCAC Coalition held elections for several seats on its board, the Coalition Coordination Committee (CCC), from 21 May to 27 May 2020, with a run-off vote for the Sub-Saharan Africa seat taking place from 2 June to 8 June 2020.

After a competitive election with highly qualified candidates, we are happy to welcome within our board the following elected organisations and their respective representatives:

For the Americas Regional Seat: the Government Accountability Project (GAP) represented by Samantha Feinstein. GAP is a leading organisation with the mission to promote corporate and government accountability by protecting whistleblowers, advancing occupational free speech, and empowering citizen activists.

For the Europe Regional Seat 1: Sherpa represented by Laura Rousseau. Sherpa is one of the leading organizations on asset recovery cases, and work to protect victims of economic crimes through pro bono representation from committed international lawyers, among other things.

For the International Member Organisation Seat 1: Access Info Europe represented by Helen Darbishire. Access Info Europe is a human rights organisation specialising in promoting and protecting the fundamental right of access to information. Access Info promotes and protects the right of access to information in Europe.

For the South Asia Regional Seat: Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) represented by Ifthekar Zaman(re-elected for a second term). TIB conducts a robust programme of national and local level research, advocacy and civic engagement related to transparency across Bangladesh.

For the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Seat: the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU – Uganda) represented by Cissy Kagaba. ACCU – Uganda’s objective is to provide a forum through which various anti-corruption actors can enhance their capabilities to effectively engage government as one voice.

For the Individual Member Seat: Shaazka Beyerle. Shaazka is a senior fellow at the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center at George Mason University, and a senior research advisor for the United States Institute of Peace‘s (USIP) Program on Nonviolent Action.

A warm welcome to our Board! We look forward to working with you.

Continuing members

The newly elected members will be joining the CCC members whose seats were not up to election:

For the East Asia, Central Asia and Pacific Regional SeatThe Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism represented by Cynthia Gabriel;

For the Europe Regional Seat 2Stefan Batory Foundation represented by Grzegorz Makowski;

For the Middle East and North Africa Regional SeatJordan Transparency Center represented by Hilda Ajeilat;

For the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Seat 2Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG)represented by Gladwell Otieno;

For the International Member Organisation Seat 2Transparency International represented by Gillian Dell.


Outgoing members

We would also like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude and deep appreciation to the outgoing members of the CCC:

David Banisar, the outgoing Coalition Chair representing ARTICLE 19, who has provided crucial oversight and guidance to the work of the Coalition since the fall and for many years has been contributing his vast policy expertise and insights on UN fora to the Coalition’s work. He spoke on behalf of the Coalition at the last CoSP and represented the Coalition in advocacy efforts with delegations and UN officials.

Joke Fekumo, representing the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), who since the last fall served as Vice-Chair of the Coalition, has been a devoted member of the board, representing the Coalition at the UNCAC CoSP, advising on governance issues and contributing her legal expertise and experience to the work of the Coalition.

Marcelo Giullitti Oliva, representing the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ),who has contributed to the Coalition’s advocacy with his legal expertise for many years, has represented the Coalition at numerous international meetings and has been working on UNCAC monitoring and improving implementation in Argentina.

Juanita Olaya, former Chair of the Coalition, a passionate advocate of civic space who provided essential support and guidance in the process of setting up the Coalition‘s Vienna Hub and on the organisation‘s strategic priorities and devoted uncountable hours to advancing the work of the Coalition.