Africa Region Anti-Corruption Platform

Civil society engagement is key in the fight against corruption. This is recognised in UNCAC Article 13, which calls on governments to promote the active participation of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the prevention of and the fight against corruption, including increasing public access to information.

With the start-up of the UNCAC review mechanism in 2010 came an important new channel for civil society engagement in anti-corruption efforts. To facilitate contributions by CSOs to the review process, UNODC, the UNCAC Coalition and Transparency International have provided a number of trainings and workshops, including one in September 2016 with a focus on the CSOs in the Africa region.

CSOs interested in monitoring and promoting UNCAC implementation can increase their impact by sharing experiences and corruption-monitoring methodologies, building partnerships and exchanging updates about the status of UNCAC reviews.

In order to promote collaboration between CSOs and facilitate the identification of partners, the UNCAC Coalition Africa Region Anti-Corruption Platform, supported by TI Kenya, provides the possibility to:

  • explore by country the profiles and contact details of a number of CSOs in the sub-region doing UNCAC-related work, including CSOs that attended trainings and multi-stakeholder workshops on UNCAC and its Review Mechanism;
  • learn from other CSOs in the sub-region about their involvement in UNCAC implementation and its Review Mechanism, including their contributions, obstacles they encountered, lessons learned and best practices they came up with, and
  • get updates on the status of the reviews in their countries and the contribution of CSOs to those reviews.

Select a CSO by country from the map below

List of CSO profiles

Country CSO Website
Botswana Botswana Watch
Burkina Faso Réseau Burkinabé des Jeunes Leaders pour l’Intégrité
Burundi Association Burundaise des Consommateurs-Transparency International Burundi
Burundi Observatoire de Lutte contre la Corruption et les Malversations Economiques
Cape Verde Plataforma das ONG de Cabo Verde
République Démocratique du Congo Association Africaine de Défense des Droits de l’Homme
République Démocratique du Congo Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix
République Démocratique du Congo Ligue Congolaise de Lutte contre la Corruption
Côte d’Ivoire Initiative pour la Justice Sociale, la Transparence et la Bonne Gouvernance en Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d’Ivoire Reseau Ivoirien des Jeunes Leaders pour l’Intégrité
Djibouti Association Amis Juristes de Djibouti
Ethiopia Construction Sector Transparency Initiative – Ethiopia
Ghana Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition
Kenya ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa
Kenya Constitution and Reform Education Consortium
Kenya Kenya Human Rights Commission
Kenya Mzalendo Trust
Kenya Transparency International Kenya
Libya Libyan Transparency Association
Madagascar Transparency International-Initiative Madagascar
Mauritius Transparency Mauritius
Nigeria Integrity Organization
Nigeria Zero Corruption Coalition
Senegal Organisation National des Droits de l’Homme / Réseau d’appui de développement intégré des activités à la base
Sierra Leone Transparency International Sierra Leone
South Africa Corruption Watch
Tanzania Pan African Lawyers Union
Tanzania Tanzania Anti-Corruption Network
Uganda Africa Freedom of Information Center
Uganda Uganda Debt Network
Zimbabwe Transparency International Zimbabwe

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