6th UNCAC Conference of States Parties
St. Petersburg, Russia, 2–6 November 2015
UNCAC Coalition Statement: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian
UNCAC Review Transparency Pledge: Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian
UNCAC Coalition #COSP6 Newsletter October 2015

What's New

Consistent commitments: Civil society calls on OGP governments to pledge transparency in the second review cycle of the UNCAC

6 December 2016, by Christine Clough, Global Financial Integrity, and Peter Tausz, UNCAC Coalition. This year the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is celebrating its five-year anniversary, having grown from eight participating countries to 70 by 2016. At the same time…

UNCAC obligations help protect wildlife in Vietnam

6 December 2016, by Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Wildlife Justice Commission. Wildlife crime is the fourth largest illegal trade in the world, trailing only behind drug trafficking, human trafficking and counterfeiting in generating revenues for transnational criminal networks: some estimate it generates…

Compensation for victims of corruption: Why does it matter?

3 December 2016, by Sue Hawley, Corruption Watch. The mantra “corruption is not a victimless crime” is used frequently – by anti-corruption NGOs, government officials and even judges. Yet victims of corruption are rarely represented in court proceedings, rarely consulted…

Catalyst for reform: How a peer review mechanism changed the anti-corruption landscape

29 November 2016, by Brigitte Strobel-Shaw, UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Driven by the desire to bring the full force of international cooperation and partnership down on endemic corruption, the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is transforming the way…

As UN criticizes Switzerland, pressure mounts over human rights impacts of tax havens

New York/Geneva, 29 November 2016, Center for Economic and Social Rights. This post was originally published on the Center for Economic and Social Rights website. Switzerland has received stern recommendations from the UN’s women’s rights treaty-monitoring body regarding its role…

What does the UK beneficial ownership data show us?

22 November 2016, by Robert Palmer and Sam Leon. This post was originally published on the Global Witness website. UK companies with hidden owners lie behind some of the worst problems of our time. Amongst other things they have been…

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