6th UNCAC Conference of States Parties
St. Petersburg, Russia, 2–6 November 2015
UNCAC Coalition Statement: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian
UNCAC Review Transparency Pledge: Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian
UNCAC Coalition #COSP6 Newsletter October 2015

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Statement by Manzoor Hasan, UNCAC Coalition Chair, at the 2016 UNCAC Implementation Review Group Briefing for NGOs

Vienna, 23 June 2016. Chair, distinguished delegates: Good morning. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today and thank you to UNODC for its informative presentation this morning. I am speaking on behalf of the UNCAC Coalition, a…

Curbing grand corruption and money-laundering and increasing participation of civil society in anti-corruption efforts

9 June 2016, Transparency International. Although the consequences of corruption have been obvious for decades and led to the adoption of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), it often takes major scandals such as the Panama Papers leaks to produce…

Transparency International Statement to United Nations CCPCJ

Vienna, 25 May 2016. 25th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Mr. Chair, distinguished delegates, thank you for the opportunity to speak here today. My name is Ádám Földes and I am speaking on behalf of…

U.S. commitments at U.K. Anti-Corruption Summit: More action is needed to tackle anonymous companies and the flow of corrupt proceeds into the U.S.

Washington DC, 12 May 2016, Transparency International USA. This post was originally published on the Transparency International website. Today the U.S. government released its action plan to tackle corruption at the international U.K Anti-Corruption Summit hosted by David Cameron. The…

Anti Corruption Summit - London 2016

London, 12 May 2016, UK Cabinet Office. The Anti Corruption Summit has, for the first time, brought world leaders, civil society, businesses, sports bodies and international organisations together to make fighting corruption a global priority. Over forty countries and six…

Vouliwatch Open Call for more transparency in the financial statements of Greek Members of Parliament

12 May 2016. The financial interest statements of MPs and MEPs were released today following a three year delay, along with the financial statements of those who are responsible for the finances of political parties. According to established practice these…

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