Towards Transparency

Towards Transparency

Membership Type: Organisational
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Telephone: +84 4 3715 3532
Full Address: Transparency International’s (TI) National Contact in Vietnam, Floor 12B – Machinco Building, 444 Hoang Hoa Tham – Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
Region: Asia Pacific
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Organisation Mission

TT’s mission is to contribute to national efforts in promoting transparency, accountability and integrity towards a corruption-free society.


We want to become the leading advocacy organisation and civil society voice on anti-corruption in Vietnam.

How did member get involved in the Coalition?

TT first got involved in the UNCAC Coalition around the time we began supporting the UNCAC review process which kicked off in Vietnam in early 2011. We had heard about the UNCAC Coalition through the TI network and joined in order to improve networking and information sharing with other organisations undertaking similar work on UNCAC.

What do you find most exciting about UNCAC work?

Our work on UNCAC (particularly the UNCAC review process) provided us with a very clear overview of the existing legal framework and comprehensive analysis of the key gaps and loopholes in anti-corruption legislation and policies in Vietnam. This has allowed us to identify where we should prioritise and focus our wider organisational efforts, ultimately enabling us to develop more strategic and constructive directions in our work.

Vietnamese delegations attending the 4th UNCAC COSP in Morocco. See activity 3 below.

What, if any, UNCAC-related activities have you been involved in?

  1. Produced a civil society shadow report assessing Vietnam’s implementation of UNCAC. Our report was very well received, with a number of findings incorporated into the Government’s self-assessment report. The report is available in the link provided below.
  2. Participated in a meeting with UNCAC country peer reviewers from Lebanon and Italy.
  3. Supported Vietnamese journalists and academics to attend the 4th UNCAC COSP and facilitated production of increased media coverage improving public awareness on the Government’s implementation of UNCAC.
  4. Conducted policy advocacy to improve Vietnam’s implementation of UNCAC Articles 32 and 33 on protection of victims, witnesses and reporting persons through the strengthening of Vietnam’s Anti-Corruption Law and Denunciation Law and Decree.
  5. Participated in the UNCAC Implementation Review Group briefing for CSO’s and CSO advocacy workshop (organised by the UNCAC Coalition).

What UNCAC-related activities/work are you most looking forward to?

TT is currently preparing to use the findings from the review process to produce an UNCAC implementation monitoring tool. This tool will then be used as a baseline for our future monitoring and advocacy activities on UNCAC implementation.