Global Financial Integrity

Organisation name: Global Financial Integrity
Name of organisation’s representative: Christine CLOUGH
Address: 1325 18th Street NW, Suite 505, Washington, DC 20036 USA
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Membership type: International Member Organization
Which seat are you nominating for? International Member Organisation

Organisation Experience

Global Financial Integrity (GFI) has been a member of UNCAC Coalition since 2010. We value and have made use of the opportunities UNCAC affords groups like GFI to share information and ideas to generate global media attention to the issues of corruption and other financial crimes and to promote international- and national-level policy changes. We have also participated regularly in the IACC. It is so wonderful and so valuable to be able to connect with talented people working on corruption around the globe and to work together!

We have served on the Coalition’s Coordinating Committee since the spring of 2013, and we’ve taken advantage of this opportunity to support and promote the Coalition’s work on beneficial ownership, in particular. Our representative, Christine Clough, currently serves as one of the Committee’s Vice Chairs. Christine has participated in the two most recent IRG meetings in Vienna and in the 5th COSP in Panama, including speaking and organizing a panel with other Coalition members. She regularly contributes to the work of the Coalition with participation in conference calls and through editorial and strategic support.

Organisation Profile

Global Financial Integrity (GFI) promotes national and multilateral policies, safeguards, and agreements aimed at curtailing the cross-border flow of illegal money. In putting forward solutions, facilitating strategic partnerships, and conducting ground-breaking research, GFI is leading the way in efforts to curtail illicit financial flows and enhance global development and security. Our mission stems from the estimate that $1 trillion in funds which are illegally earned, transferred or utilized are spirited out of developing countries annually. Of this, $500 billion a year ends up in western accounts. This constitutes the most damaging economic condition hurting the poor. Illicit capital flows enable drug cartels, terrorist organizations and tax evaders to move cash around the globe, undermines the goals of the World Bank and other lending institutions, strips developing nations of critical resources, and contributes to failed states.

Candidate Profile

Christine Clough is a Program Manager at Global Financial Integrity (GFI). She manages GFI’s research and event contracts and helps coordinate GFI’s government consulting projects. She oversees planning and strategy, coordinates report reviews and editing, and contributes to fundraising. Prior to joining GFI, Christine previously worked at the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, working with Congress, Federal agencies, and the White House to advocate for the needs and critical role of small business in the U.S. economy. Christine also has experience working on terrorism and homeland security at think-tanks in Washington, DC. Christine has a BA in International Relations and Economics from Connecticut College and a MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University.

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