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Welcome to ProfessorUNCAC, a new anti-corruption blog space initiated by lawyer and anti-corruption expert Keith Henderson. An UNCAC Coalition member, Keith has been teaching students and professionals about curbing corruption for almost two decades and in over 50 countries. The new blog he has created will feature content from many experts around the globe and will explore a range of UNCAC-related topics. One of the main ideas behind the new site is to help promote UNCAC awareness, understanding and coalition-building among key stakeholders, with a keen eye on the human rights, business, education, research and anti-corruption communities, among others. Learn more about the scope and potential of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and how it relates to a variety of issue areas such as development, governance, gender, security, climate change, and much more!

ProfessorUNCAC wants your input! You can get in touch via or @professoruncac to ask questions, raise ideas, or suggest topics for future blog posts.

UNCAC + UDHR = Collective Power!

14 July 2015, by Keith Henderson Marrying inextricably linked universal anti-corruption commitments and universal rights could help journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers everywhere. Another reason for the anti-corruption, rights and international communities to march together on key issues of common concern.…

DOHA: Global and Regional Academic UNCAC Networks and Model Syllabi

May 2015, by Keith Henderson. Training the Teachers: Workshops by UNODC and Doha’s Rule of Law & Anti-Corruption Center 1st regional ACAD workshop Some of you may want to take note that the first regional meeting of UNODC’s Anti-Corruption Academic…

Why Corruption and the UNCAC Matters

2 April 2015, by Keith Henderson. DFID recently released a very good synthesis-oriented report entitled Corruption matters: understanding causes, effects and how to address them. It’s stated goal was to survey the empirical research global corruption landscape related to…

Global Lessons, Trends and Guideposts for the UNCAC?

10 March 2015, by Keith Henderson. For those who have not seen it I highly recommend reviewing the recently released OECD Foreign Bribery Report: An Analysis of the Crime of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials. That said, it is important…

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