CCC Candidacy 2024: Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI)

Organization: Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI)
Name of Organization’s Representative: Mukhtar Ahmad Ali
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Country: Pakistan
Which seat are you nominating for? South Asia Regional Seat

Organization’s Profile

Established in 2008, CPDI is a CSO with focus on, among others, right to information (RTI), political finance reforms, transparency in governance, inclusive and participatory budgeting, civic engagement, and public accountability. CPDI has extensive experience of policy research, advocacy, capacity building, community mobilization and engagement with political parties, legislatures, Federal/ provincial and local governments, and various accountability forums like Ombudspersons, information commissions and anti-corruption bodies.

Its work on RTI has been quite impactful, as it has led to (a) enactment of RTI laws at the Federal level and in all the four provinces; (b) enhanced capacity of journalists and community leaders in using RTI laws; and (c) important decisions/ judgments by information commissions and courts regarding disclosure of information.

CPDI’s budget work emphasises participatory budgeting, as well as maximum proactive disclosure of budget information, especially regarding allocations, releases, expenditures, and audits.

It has also been demanding political finance reforms to ensure that political parties have incentives to raise finances in a legitimate and transparent manner; and are held accountable for lack of transparency or using dubious methods to raise political finance. Its recent/ current donors/ partners include the USAID, EU, NED, GIZ, DRL, Global Affairs Canada and FCDO.


Organization’s Experience

Since joining UNCAC in May 2021, CPDI employees have attended numerous online/ in- person UNCAC activities and contributed to relevant documents including the draft policy paper containing advocacy asks for the 10th CoSP. Its Executive Director attended the (a)“CoSP to the UN Convention against Corruption on the Achievements of the Political Declaration adopted by the Special Session of the General Assembly against Corruption” in Vienna in September 2022; (b) Regional Dialogue for Civil Society, Youth and Academia of Europe and Asia on 17-18 October 2023 in Vienna; and (c) CoSP of the UN Convention against Corruption in Atlanta on 11-15 December 2023.

CPDI has extensive experience of working on RTI, political finance reforms, budget transparency and transparent governance. Its employees have served on official committees that drafted RTI and whistle-blower protection bills, and as members of information commissions. In 2017, CPDI facilitated the establishment of the Forum of Information Commissioners and has facilitated its meetings to (a) discuss civil society feedback, and (b) have regular exchange of experiences, challenges, and best practices. It facilitates journalists and activists in filing information requests and, if needed, complaints to information commissions – some of which have exposed inefficiencies/ corrupt practices leading to significant reforms.

Top 3 Priorities to Achieve as a CCC Member

  1. Greater technical assistance to national partners in country-specific research and policy engagement.
  2. Facilitation of enhanced cooperation among CSOs in regions.
  3. More robust advocacy for transnational cooperation to combat corruption.

Candidate’s Profile

The Executive Director of CPDI, Mukhtar Ahmad Ali, has around 25 years of experience in the public/ development sectors with focus on RTI, budget transparency, political finance reforms, democratic development, local governments, and electoral reforms. He is a prominent RTI activist, who has led or extensively contributed to numerous capacity building, policy advocacy, and public awareness programs.

He has served as Information Commissioner in the Punjab Government, and as Chief of Party and Team Leader of large governance focused USAID/ UKAID funded projects. He has successfully pursued hundreds of RTI related cases in information commissions and courts. He has served on the boards of prominent CSOs like the Trust for Democratic Education Accountability (TDEA), Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) and Institute of Rural Management (IRM).

He has been on the Advisory Committee of the Federal Tax Ombudsman; and has contributed to drafting of official bills on the RTI and whistle-blowers’ protection. He is a visiting faculty of the National Institute of Management; National Management College; Balochistan Civil Service Academy; Local Government Academy; and the Federal Election Academy. He has an M. Phil degree in Development Studies (with distinction) from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, UK.

Contributions to the Work of the Coalition

By using my experience of working on large projects, I would contribute to the UNCAC efforts towards funds mobilization for greater outreach and well-coordinated efforts to prevent and address the problem of corruption. I would like to particularly help in promoting (a) greater technical assistance to national partners in country-specific research and policy engagement; (b) facilitation of enhanced cooperation among CSOs across countries in various regions; and (c) more robust advocacy with governments and multilateral forums for effective transnational cooperation to combat corruption.

Candidacy & Interest Disclosure

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