CCC Candidacy 2024: Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda

Organization: Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda
Name of Organization’s Representative: Marlon Agaba
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Country: Uganda
Which seat are you nominating for? Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Seat 1


Organization’s Profile

Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) was formed in 1999, with the sole objective of providing a forum through which various anti-corruption actors can enhance their capabilities and act as one strong voice and force that can effectively engage the government on issues of corruption. The organization brings together like-minded organizations and individual actors whose preoccupation is exposure and advocacy in the fight against corruption in Uganda.

ACCU works with national Civil Society Organizations engaged in the accountability sector. At the local level, ACCU works with and through 15 Regional Anti-Corruption Organisations spread out in various parts of Uganda. We also work with state agencies, media, academia, traditional and religious institutions, and development actors to advance the governance and accountability agenda in Uganda.

As the leading anti-corruption CSO in the country, ACCU has the convening, coordinating and catalysing power to galvanize civil society around governance and anti-corruption. ACCU’s interventions have impacted millions of lives in Uganda through the implementation of over 40 projects. Our vision is to see “A transparent and corruption free society”. Our mission is “To empower citizens to actively and sustainably demand for transparency and accountability from public and private sectors”.  Our website is accessible at:

Organization’s Experience

ACCU, with support from UNDOC, in 2011 conducted a study and engaged the private sector on adherence to the UNCAC. The overall objective of the program was to strengthen the voice of civil society at the national and international levels to fight against corruption through the understanding of the UNCAC and its review mechanism so as to promote human rights and good governance. The process involved participating in review meetings, drafting sessions and completing the report.

ACCU has, over the years, been a member and worked with the UNCAC Coalition, especially toward assessing Uganda’s implementation of the UNCAC. In 2021, ACCU, with the support of the UNCAC Coalition, developed the CSO Parallel Report on Uganda’s Implementation of the UNCAC, focusing on preventive measures and asset recovery.  We are still undertaking engagements with key stakeholders on the implementation of the report recommendations. We have also engaged the government of Uganda to publish online the self-assessment checklist and the full report, as well as signing the transparency pledge.

Top 3 Priorities to Achieve as a CCC Member

  1. Strengthening information sharing and learning amongst Coalition members.
  2. Collaboration in the area of research and sharing of findings at the international level.
  3. Building solidarity across borders for the protection of anti-corruption activists.

Candidate’s Profile

Marlon Agaba has over 14 years of progressive experience in programme management, development communication, and civic engagement in Uganda. He has worked with the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda since 2015, first as the Communications Manager, later as Head of Programmes, and currently as the Executive Director. He holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Communication and postgraduate training in Project Planning and Management. 

Mr. Agaba has enormous experience engaging governance and accountability actors in Uganda. He has provided input into several anti-corruption laws, policies and strategies in Uganda. He has wide experience engaging state and non-state actors on issues related to transparency and accountability. In 2021, Mr. Agaba led the team that developed the CSO parallel report on the implementation of the UNCAC in Uganda. He has designed several anti-corruption campaigns on issues including voter bribery, wasteful public expenditures, and implementation of anti-corruption laws.

Mr. Agaba has conducted several studies, policy analyses and research papers on a myriad of contemporary issues. He is a regular panellist and pundit in mainstream media on governance issues in Uganda. He has consulted for several organisations.  He is also a regular panellist on government accountability platforms. He possesses impeccable experience in managing governance projects.  

Contributions to the Work of the Coalition

I will bring on board extensive knowledge in research, policy analysis, public engagement, strategic advocacy and excellent analytical skills as well as strong writing skills. I also bring on board wide experience in coordinating national and grassroots anti-corruption movements as well as commentary on governance issues. Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda is an umbrella organisation for anti-corruption CSOs in Uganda, bringing on board several organisations. I believe this is strongly related to the UNCAC Coalition, as the Coalition also brings together several entities from all over the world, committed to the implementation of the UNCAC.

Candidacy & Interest Disclosure

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