CCC Candidacy 2024: Transparency International Georgia

Organization: Transparency International Georgia
Name of Organization’s Representative: Sandro Kevkhishvili
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Country: Georgia
Which seat are you nominating for? Europe Regional Seat 1

Organization’s Profile

Transparency International Georgia is Georgia’s leading anti-corruption watchdog, advocacy-based think tank and local chapter of the global anti-corruption movement – Transparency International.

TI Georgia’s main aim is to support building and empowering state institutions, develop good governance and the rule of law, ensure the transparency and direct accountability of the state institutions, support fair and democratic elections (for this aim including election observations) and protect universally recognized human rights.

TI Georgia is committed to eradicating all forms of corruption in Georgia. The efforts in achieving this goal include government monitoring, high-level advocacy, mobilizing for change, and empowering other anti-corruption actors. In all of its activities TIG undertakes to represent the interests of those who have been or could be mistreated by poor governance. This includes vulnerable social and minority groups, business companies, civil servants, journalists – anyone who is affected by unfair government policies and practices.

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Organization’s Experience

TI Georgia has extensive experience in research and advocacy on issues covered by UNCAC, including (but not limited to) anti-corruption bodies and policy planning/coordination, transparency in public administration, transparency of party and campaign funding, asset disclosure, prevention of corruption in public procurement, access to information, and integrity in the judiciary. For more than two decades now, our organization’s work in these areas has contributed to the improvement of the relevant legislation and practices in Georgia.

TI Georgia is a long-time member of the UNCAC coalition and has worked actively over the years to promote the coalition’s goals at the national, regional, and international levels. In 2021, TI Georgia’s short film was one of the winners of the UNCAC Coalition’s Victims of Corruption Film Contest.

Top 3 Priorities to Achieve as a CCC Member

  1. Promote the capacity of CSOs to monitor UNCAC implementation.
  2. Assist research to identify significant gaps in UNCAC implementation (whether it is particular regions/countries or specific issues covered by UNCAC).
  3. Facilitate joint advocacy efforts focusing on UNCAC implementation.

Candidate’s Profile

Sandro Kevkhishvili is the Anti-Corruption Program Manager and has led Transparency International Georgia’s versatile anti-corruption team since 2021. Under his supervision the team combines think-tank, watchdog and advocacy activities to push for change in the areas of anti-corruption and good governance in Georgia.

To achieve impact, a holistic approach is used. The process starts with:

1. Analysis of specific legal or practical shortcomings in the wider integrity system, e.g. institutional infrastructure, conflict of interest and incompatibility, asset declaration system, whistleblower protection etc.; 2. Continues with creation of evidence to substantiate the negative impact of said shortcomings, mostly done through open source investigation techniques using open data-based tools developed in-house; and 3. Finishing with advocacy on both national (e.g. proposing draft laws to the Parliament) and international level (e.g. EU integration process, Open Government Partnership).

Previously, Sandro had 8 years of experience working in the Georgian civil society on anti-corruption related issues. Sandro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Williams College (MA), and a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Ilia State University.

Contributions to the Work of the Coalition

I would offer the following perspective: An important factor that greatly hinders UNCAC implementation is the shrinking civil space in many countries around the world. Very often, the freedom to operate without interference for civil society organizations is assumed and / or taken for granted when working on global-level objectives. The reality on the ground may be incompatible with this assumption, making it near impossible to advance on objectives such as the implementation of the UNCAC.

Candidacy & Interest Disclosure

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