How does the UNCAC review process work?

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How is a country’s implementation of the UNCAC monitored and evaluated?
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Asked on 31 January 2020 10:17
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Currently, the 2nd review cycle is ongoing, covering UNCAC chapter II on preventive measures and chapter V on asset recovery.

A country review process follows these phases:

  • Phase I: self-assessment: UNODC informs the state party that it is under review. The state party identifies a focal point to coordinate the country’s participation in the review and then fills out a standardised self-assessment checklist.
  • Phase II: peer review: Two reviewer countries – decided by lots – provide experts to form an expert review team. The team conducts a desk review of the completed self-assessment checklist. It may require further information from the focal point and direct dialogue through conference calls, or a country visit if agreed by the country reviewed.
  • Phase III: country review report and executive summary: With the assistance of UNODC, the expert review team prepares a country review report (80–300 pages) and an executive summary of this report (7-12 pages). The country review report and executive summary are sent to the focal point for approval. In cases of disagreement, the reviewers and the contact point engage in dialogue to arrive at a consensual final report, which is published in full only with the agreement of the country under review. The executive summary, once finalised upon agreement, is translated into the six official languages of the United Nations and made available as a document of the Implementation Review Group.

For more details on how the UNCAC review mechanism works, see:

The UNCAC Coalition provides technical and financial support to NGOs that seek to contribute to the review process by producing a parallel CSO report. For more details, see:

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